Success Stories

What Our Patients Are Saying
Tears of Joy today for Mr Charles Warren. He is finally going home after recovering from Covid. He has been in the hospital for 5 months.
Family, friends and co workers from the Tangipahoa Sheriffs department came out to escort him home.

Elizabeth is in our Aquatics Maintenance class after completing PT last summer.  “I look forward to getting in the warm water. It helps me physically, mentally and spiritually. Especially since I’m unable to get down in a tub due to my amputation. I use a regular prosthetic leg in the water, it just doesn’t have the cosmetic look. I usually use the stairs to get in the pool but it’s nice to have the option of the chair with a lift if my knees are hurting on the days that I come for the Maintenance class”.

Elizabeth was at Baton Rouge Rehab as an Inpatient & then Outpatient in 2018 after falling at church & breaking her tibia on the same side as her amputation. Then again in 2019 after her abdominal surgery for cancer.  Click below for Elizabeth's full story!

Retired Marine Corps Veteran, Mr. William “Bill” Flynn’s life was forever changed on November 17, 2019.  Mr. Bill served in the Vietnam War from 1959 to 1962. He was in the elite jump school and swim school during his time of service.  79 years young, Mr. Bill is married with 17 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren & lives in Baton Rouge.

He has spent his retirement years working on his farm, spending time with his family and working out at the gym. On November 17th, after finishing a 6-mile ride on the exercise bike, Mr. Bill moved over to work out on the inversion table, which collapsed on top of him. He sustained a C-spine injury which required surgery. After his surgery, he was only able to move his lips. He was transferred to a rehab center out of area, where he experienced more complications. Click below to read the full story!